Outline of Disney character Mickey Mouse
A rain spout stylized with the outline of Disney character Mickey Mouse is seen on a building at The Walt Disney Co. studios in Burbank, California August 9, 2011 Reuters/Fred Prouser

Despite many years in the making and a slick-looking gameplay video that was released to the public, Square Enix has yet to confirm a release date for the third installment of the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise. However, it appears that one of the voice actors of the game may have confirmed that the game could be coming out this year.

Veteran voice actor Mark Farmer who voices Goofy in "Kingdom Hearts" and in other various cartoons, stated on his twitter that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released in 2015. Farmer claims that he has finished all the voice work needed for Goofy and has supposedly been told that the game will come out this year as reported by IGN. An article from Gamespot later had Square Enix USA claim that the release date for "Kingdom Hearts 3" remains unannounced. Just like Farmer they released the statement via Twitter and acknowledged the voice actor by stating, "there was a goof."

For the uninitiated, "Kingdom Hearts" is a series that started its life on the PlayStation 2 and combined the world of Disney and Final Fantasy. The franchise should have started as a joke, but ended up becoming one of the most beloved franchises ever, thanks to an interesting storyline, fun combat and plenty of exploration. The most praised aspect of the game was the numerous Disney worlds and exploring them along with the Final Fantasy cameos. "Kingdom Hearts" and its sequel "Kingdom Hearts 2" garnered the scores of 85 and 87 respectively from Metacritic.

Due to Disney's recent purchases of Marvel and Star Wars, many are hoping for theme worlds based on the two. Whether it's an Avengers--themed world or meeting the Millenium Falcon in space, this is clearly something fans have been clamouring for, though no news has been announced.

A sequel to "Kingdom Hearts 2" has been anticipated by many a fan for quite some time due to the enormous cliffhanger ending that game had. After finally completing their journey Sora, Rikku and Kairi are finally back home and relaxing before they find a bottle with a message from King Mickey.

Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Trailer (Credits: Youtube/GamesHQMedia)

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