Christmas wasn’t so joyful for a family in Saugus, Massachusetts when nine-year-old Scott Lundy unwrapped a present that he thought was a PlayStation 4. Once he excitedly opened the PlayStation 4 box, however, the youngster found a block of wood with a drawing of a male anatomy organ on it.

The local Fox 25 channel reported the story of a Christmas holiday ruined for the PlayStation 4 fan. The PS4 was supposed to be a present that Scott was supposed to open on Christmas morning. Before opening the PS4 present, he was even shouting for joy and calling it the best Christmas ever.

“This has ruined his belief in Santa,” said Kristin, as quoted by Kotaku.

The package, which had reportedly come from a Target store, was not tampered when the Lundy family made the purchase. However, inside the PS4 packaging was the block of wood vaguely shaped like a PS4 console, scrawled with the obscene image and punctured with several screws. There was even a weird message attached to the wood. The kid was devastated.

“He's crying and he's upset and he's in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone at that point. I was crushed," said Kristin Lundy to Fox 25 channel. The story had originated from step-mum Kristin Lundy’s Facebook page.

According to the family, one of their relatives has gotten a similar PS4 package this holiday season, so it seems that the kid is not alone who received such gift. It was obviously pretty shocking but thankfully, the Target store replaced the block of wood with the new console. The store also offered the kid with a $100 (approx. AU $138) gift card.

There is still no clue about how this happened. Sony has not released any statement on the same. It is possible that the packaging process for consoles have been tampered with. A more interesting theory came from Scott’s father, however, who said that it may be a rogue elf incident.

Family opens fake, wooden PS4 Christmas morning (Credit: Fox 25 News)