Juventus' Vidal Loses License After Car Crash In Chile

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Chile Arturo Vidal
Fans holding a Chilean national flag, shout outside a court in Santiago, Chile, June 17, 2015. Chile soccer player Arturo Vidal, top scorer at the Copa America, was arrested on drink-driving charges after crashing his car and being taken to hospital with a neck injury, police said on Wednesday. Vidal has been transferred to a court in Santiago, according to local media. The sign on right reads, "Force Vidal. Los Parra, we are with you". REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal accidentally crashed his car and got his drivers’ license temporarily revoked after getting arrested for driving drunk Tuesday night. The Chillean football crashed his red Ferrari in the outskirts of Santiago while under the influence of alcohol.

Vidal, spent a night in jail and was summoned to appear in court in Santiago but was immediately freed from custody by the judge.

The Guardian wrote that Vidal must present his self once every month to the Chilean embassy in Milan for a period of 120 days while investigating the accident.

According to reports, Vidal was with his wife Maria Teresa Matus when the car crashed. He said they went to a casino and was driving home when they accidentally collided with another car. The couple were taken to the hospital and only suffered minor injuries.

Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli said that it is unlikely to remove Vidal from the lineup in the ongoing tournament as he is a vital piece in Chile’s successful start in their Copa America campaign, scoring three goals in the past two games with a 2-1 win against Ecuador and a 3-3 draw against Mexico.

“At this point it’d be easier to exclude him than to include him. And if we notice anything that affects the national team, we will make a decision on that. An internal correction. But it’s not in my nature to single out and exclude someone for making a mistake,” Sampaoli said in a report.

He also added that he has complete trust in his team and never attempted to have an alcohol test when the players arrive at training. The accident had caused disorder to the team’s preparation against Bolivia on Friday, but Sampaoli’s concern is about Vidal’s situation.

“If he hadn’t crashed, he would have arrived at the right time to training but maybe not been able to control what state he was in. The group will understand this decision not because he’s Vidal but because it’s a situation that we need to manage.”

Chile has a zero tolerance in drunk driving, which may suspend Vidal’s license up to two years.

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