Justin Bieber’s guest appearance on “The Ellen Show” on Monday not only attracted attention from loyal Jelena fans, because of his interview about his first love Selena Gomez. However, it also attracted rock fans’ attention because the pop star decided to appear on TV wearing a Metallica shirt, which for some is said to be a complete diss to the band.

Metallica fans and rock music enthusiasts immediately took to social media to share their opinions on Bieber’s outfit on the show. They posted their complaints and questions on Twitter, with some not being very subtle with their opinions.

A Twitter user named Andrew called the Canadian singer a “fake” rock music fan regardless if he was wearing a Metallica shirt. Another user named D.J.W . claimed Bieber is pulling a “sick joke” by wearing a Metallica shirt on the show.

The Wrap also quoted other commentators who completely dissed Bieber over his choice of outfit. One wrote, “Does Bieber think he’s cute wearing a Metallica shirt on Ellen? … God I hope this kid f***in dies soon.” Meanwhile, another person commented on how seeing the 21-year old singing “Sorry” in his Metallica t-shirt just doesn’t seem to match. The individual said, “Justin Bieber singing ‘Sorry’ on The Ellen Show while wearing a Metallica t shirt is probably the least metal thing to have ever happened.”

Others also took to their respective Twitter accounts to call out the singer’s choice of outfit on “The Ellen Show.”

A few days earlier before his appearance on “The Ellen Show” Bieber was also spotted wearing a shirt printed with the name of another rock band, Nirvana. The same complaints were directed at the singer, such as the one posted by NME.com . An individual claimed “ Justin wearing a Nirvana shirt is an oxymoron because Nirvana actually [made] good music.”

However, it wasn’t Bieber’s t-shirt that made headlines recently but his confession about Gomez during his interview on “The Ellen Show.” The “What Do You Mean” singer expressed his hope to get back with his ex-girlfriend in the future. But he also admitted that what he really wants is just for Gomez to be happy and find “someone awesome.”

Source:YouTube/ JustinBieberVEVOs

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