Resources and Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg showed his support for France by laying a flower wreath near the Bataclan concert hall massacre site in Paris along with Australia’s Ambassador to France Stephen Brady. He vowed that Australia will stand beside France in defeating terrorism.

"We don't want (terrorists) to have any victory whatsoever, that's why it's so important for us to come. We must show solidarity with the French people,” Frydenberg vowed.

He joined Stephen Brady to give his condolences to the 129 innocent people who were slaughtered mercilessly by the terrorists in Paris on Nov. 13, Friday. He was deeply touched by the thousands of candles, flowers and messages in the makeshift memorial near the massacre site.

According to, Mr. Frydenberg is in Paris for the two-day International Energy Authority ministerial meetings. The International Energy Authority is a forum for international co-operation on energy policy. He promised that the terrorists will be fully denied any kind of victory.

'If this meeting was cancelled, or the ... climate change talks in a few weeks were cancelled then the terrorists would have had a small victory,' Frydenberg told Sky News on Wednesday.

Mr Frydenberg had dinner on Monday night with other international energy ministers. It was hosted by French Energy Minister Segolene Royal. The terrorist attack on Paris was likely the first topic of conversation, reports North Queensland Register.

Only a few hours earlier President Francois Hollande said that France was “at war” with Islamic State Group which had openly claimed responsibility for the terror strikes. He also announced extension of France’s state of emergency as French air force was striking down IS targets in Syria. Multiple arrests have been made in Belgium and France.

Stephen Brady shared his joy on hearing that the Hobart teen Emma Parkinson was recovering fast and will be soon released from hospital. He said that the girl was very excited to be reunited with her mother.

She was at the ill-fated Bataclan concert when terrorists opened fire and killed 89 people. She was shot in the hip while running from the gunmen.

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