Putting an end to all the speculation about whether the recent terrorist attack in Paris will impact the climate summit, the prime minister said on Saturday that the country plans to continue with its former plan.

The recent wave of deadly attacks killed more than 120 people in the capital, with many left injured. The country's Prime Minister Manuel Valls says that the conference would still be held in the capital because “it's an essential meeting for humanity," reports Reuters.

Valls further said that the conference would be an opportunity for the global leaders to show solidarity with France. Although the host country would not change, the recent terror attack may impact the side events and exhibits or the events which are scheduled to happen outside the conference venue, reports The Times of India.

The UN's climate change summit is scheduled to take place between Nov. 30 and Dec. 11. More than 110 leaders from across the globe are expected to attend the summit and negotiate on a global deal to limit the greenhouse gas emissions.

At any climate change event organized by the United Nations, the security is tight. However, conducting an event in the city that has just faced the deadly attacks warrants a much tighter security.

"Ensuring security to thousands, marching on the streets, will not be an easy task for the government. At the same time, the French government would like to send a strong message to the attackers that it is not shaken by such cowardly and gruesome acts", said Harjeet Singh, International climate policy manager at ActionAid, in an interview with The Times of India.

Climate change conferences have taken place each year since last two decades. However, a special attention is being paid to the forthcoming Paris conference since nations are expected to negotiate, reach a consensus and sign a global climate deal during the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21).

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