Amazon founder and space enthusiast Jeff Bezos is literally on the top of the world. His space travel company “Blue Origin” has successfully completed a to and fro space mission with its unmanned rocket “New Shephard.” The rocket went 100 kilometres up into space and was able to descend upright in a carefully controlled descent. It landed only 1.3 metres from its launch pad.

The success of this mission means that space tourism will be possible in a few years. The rocket was designed to transport up to six passengers above the atmosphere. According to Bezos, he will be able to send passengers up on space in two years time. However, his company will run the capsule through numerous tests before opening it up to the public.

“We’re gonna fly the vehicle many, many times and then when we’re confident in it we’re going to start using it to take people up into space. That should take another couple of years,” said Bezos.

If everything goes right, passengers will soon be able to float completely weightless for about four minutes and watch earth from the new heights.

“Blue Origin” is over the moon with its success.

"It's the first time that a private company has successfully [landed a space vehicle], although several have been trying this kind of approach to reusable rockets," said astro-journalist and's managing editor Tariq Malik.

Bezos has not yet fixed the cost of such suborbital flights although he did say that if he lowers the cost of access to space significantly, he will be able to change markets. He will be able to change what’s possible.

The previous “New Shephard” rocket that was launched in April didn’t make it due to a hydraulic failure in its system. Therefore, it was redesigned this time with a backup second pump.

“Blue Origin’s” rival space tourism company “SpaceX” has not been able to successfully land its “Falcon9” booster till date even after repeated attempts. The reason for the failure has been attributed to the rockets not flying fast enough to counter Earth’s gravity. Hence, they came crashing back.

"The long-term vision is to see an enduring human presence in space. We want to see millions of people living and working in space. It'll be a very fun test program. It's very fun to fly,” told a jubilant Bezos after he succeeded in the test flight.

Watch the “Historic Rocket Landing” here.

Source: YouTube/ Blue Origin

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