2014 Tech Gadget Predictions
Visitors try out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Gear smartwatch at its exhibition hall at a railway station in Seoul November 25, 2013. Samsung Electronics Co is expected to spend around $14 billion - more than Iceland's GDP - on advertising and marketing this year, but it doesn't always get value for money. The outlay buys the South Korean technology giant publicity in TV and cinema ads, on billboards, and at sports and arts events from the Sydney Opera House to New York's Radio City Music Hall. Google Inc spent less on buying Motorola's handset business. Picture taken on November 25, 2013. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji REUTERS

Pre-orders for the new band was opened to consumers last Nov. 7 and the company even provided an estimated shipping time of six to seven weeks. The expecting consumers were assured that the Jawbone UP3 will be received just in time for the holidays. However, shipping time estimate has been changed from 6 to 7 weeks to 8-9 weeks and Jawbone has confirmed that customers who pre-ordered won't get their wristbands until 2015.

According to Mashable, in order to make up for the delay, Jawbone will provide customers who preordered a US$40 discount or a free UP Move, which costs $49.99. The company will also accept cancellation of orders.

Detail on the delay was not revealed by the company but according to PCWorld, Jawbone may already have learned the consequences of premature product launches. Looking back, Jawbone had to pull-out its original UP tracker from the market after receiving many complaints from consumers who purchased the said smartband. Jawbone has re-released the upgraded product in 2012 but with an increase in its cost.

The Jawbone UP3 is the company's most advanced wristband to hit the market. The UP3 follows the standards of the popular Jawbone UP24 and has incorporated many features that avid Jawbone users would want to have in a wearable device. The UP3 has a built-in heart-rate monitor, is waterproof and has improved sensors allowing it to identify non-step-based activities like weight training.

It is important to note that the heart rate tracking feature is more likely to become the next big thing for fitness trackers. Its rival Fitbit also intends to inject the mentioned health feature on Charge HR and Surge fitness bands. On the other hand, Apple also plans to equip the upcoming Apple Watch with the heart rate tracking feature.

The Jawbone UP3 also sports advanced features like a sleep tracker that can monitor REM, light and deep sleep. It also comes with the ability to detect different exercises like swimming, running and tennis to monitor calories. The company also said that the UP3 will be able to determine if users are already stressed, dehydrated or even fatigued. However, such features will be part of future updates on the UP3's software.

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