Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus is displayed at the Apple Store at Tokyo's Omotesando shopping district, Japan, September 16, 2016. Reuters/Issei Kato

The iPhone 8 continues to keep most people thinking, and the latest word out is that Apple may employ a change in the porting phase. Apple has relied on the old Lightning port, but some are now wondering if a USB-C change is in the works.

That seems like a logical dish, only that it may not happen for the iPhone 8. It would have been a dandy addition to the redesigned Apple flagship, but the cost and time to integrate it may not be enough. Though delays are being suggested, adding another feature to worry about is something the Cupertino company will surely want to hold off for now, CNet reported.

What can USB-C do that a Lightning port can’t?

Transitioning from the familiar Lightning port to a USB-C is not expected until maybe later on. While it is a port used by most devices in the market, the Lightning port seems sufficient enough to use for now.

Among the areas of concern include charging and data transfers. As Apple Insider points out, the USB-C promises to bring in more power delivery but its advantage over the Lightning port may not be that glaring. Apple still has the technologies to account for faster charging such as the Fresco Logic FL1100SX host controller of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

While that may be far off, the point here is that Apple does have technologies on its end that even potential iPhone 8 users can resort to. So if that were the case, a shift to USB-C port can wait.

The same holds true to date transfer rates for the iPhone 8. The setup mentioned above does pretty much the same thing, regardless if the USB-C has been feted for faster transfers. Also, Apple has been quietly focusing on wireless transfers through its Wi-Fi sync. This negates the need to rely on cables, meaning Lightning or USB-C ports become worthless with the Cupertino company’s shift to wireless technology.

USB-C integration may happen eventually

Time will only tell if Apple decides to shift to USB-C technology. But with the iPhone 8 expected to be unveiled this September, the best chances of port changes may be for devices after that.

It could be the next iPad Pro, MacBook or an iPhone 9 next year. Apple has been notorious for relying on its actual technology and turning to changes at some point. Right now, the USB-C may be a hit with rival brand devices but Apple will likely take its sweet time first since the change doesn’t appear to be alarming and necessary.