The iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 are the two most anticipated smartphones of 2016. Although it is uncertain when the release date will be, some details are coming in regarding the rumoured specs of the two phones.

One of the biggest differences is likely with the design perspective used by Samsung and Apple for their respective smartphones. According to reports by PC Advisor UK, the iPhone 7 will manifest new design changes with futuristic ideas to it.

Expect the iPhone 7 to be the first in its series to eliminate the home button and replace it with a Touch ID option in the display. The phone will not have a conventional headphone jack this time. Rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 hint at new design philosophies for the phone, while the Galaxy S7 points at a different take on design philosophy.

Some latest reports by Expert reviews UK suggests that the Samsung flagship will keep intact its design principles as were found in its predecessor. This means that the Galaxy S7 will pretty much follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S6, as far as external configurations and designs are concerned.

However, that doesn’t rule out any possibilities of changes in the upcoming S7. The new smartphone's reportedly to feature a new chipset, with some models getting Samsung’s Exynos chips while the rest receiving Qualcomm’s line of Snapdragon’s chips.

Expect release dates of the two phones to be quite apart. Following previous trends of iPhone launch dates, the iPhone 7’s rumoured to arrive in September next year, but there’s no report on the exact timeline of Samsung Galaxy S7, reports Christian Today.

If rumours are to be believed, the Galaxy S7 will launch this coming January.

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