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The next-generation iPhone and iPad, according to a new report, are designed as multitasking monsters with the iPhone 7 on release date getting a 2GB RAM boost while the iPad Air 3 is up for 4GB random access memory upgrade.

The iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus came out of the box with 1GB RAM while the Air 2 tablet was packed with 2GB. Apple has decided to become RAM-generous for its flagship iOS devices by doubling their memory, according to

The tech blog site pointed to Chinese-language Web site EMSOne as source.

Speed bump

With higher RAM provisions, it is expected that the iPhone and iPad roll outs next year will headline speed and snap as among the killer features considering that the gadgets will also draw power from the A9 chip that Samsung will supply to Apple.

As noted by 9to5Mac in a separate report, the memory jump will definitely make a huge performance difference for both the next iPhone and iPad such as "reduced page refreshing when running multiple tabs in Safari."

Better multitasking

Higher RAM will also translate into higher productivity as cited above by the 9to5Mac since more applications can be launched and worked on by users, which is especially true for the iPad tablet computer.

Apple has been reported to soon highlight the productivity functions of the iPad following the tablet's slowdown on sales in the past few quarters, serving as the company's attempt to package the tablet as an enterprise tool.

Full 64-bit era

Increasing the RAM found on its iOS devices by 2015 will also mark Apple's total shift to the 64-bit mobile computing system as the A9 application processor is fully capable of accommodating RAM higher than 3GB, which actually is already the case with the A8 CPU of the iPhone 6.

It is expected too that the A9 processor is better engineered and more energy-efficient than its immediate predecessor, thus eliminating the valid concern that more RAM could act as battery pressure for the iPhone and iPad refreshes in 2015.

Paired with the signature tight integration of its iOS and hardware, serving up RAM that breaches the 1GB and 2GB marks for the iPhone and iPad respectively will also usher a new era for Apple's mobile devices.

Should Apple skip the S phase next year, then the iPhone 7 release date is likely to happen in the second half of 2015, probably as early as September and bannered by a plethora of killer features such as 3D display panel and shatter-proof glass cover.