Beta version of iOS 7.1 has just been seeded this week to developers, which for the jailbreaking community could mean that Team Evad3rs will soon finalise its works on the Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak. Will it be the case?

Hardly, according to Gotta Be Mobile. While there were indications, apparently provided by members of Team Evad3s, that the iOS unlocker is making its way to iPhones and iPads this Christmas, waiting time could extend well into to 2014, likely in the initial weeks.

Pointing to a Twitter post by popular jailbreak figure iH8Snow, GBM said that actual rollout of the Evasi0n jailbreak will not happen until January 2014. According to iH8Snow, the beta stage of iOS 7.1 is expected to end on Jan 13.

So between now and the date mentioned, beta releases are to be expected prior to the iOS 7.1 assuming an official release build. It would be impractical for Team Evad3rs to issue the jailbreak in the coming weeks then scramble to work again as Apple dispatches a couple more of beta patches.

Thus the immediate weeks or even days after Jan 13 2014 is the safest period to anticipate anything from the group, GBM said. True, it is a bit of stretch for the jailbreak fans but the assured convenience should dissipate most of the pain.

Meanwhile, is it worth trying to test drive Apple's iOS 7 beta build in light of the possible delay to hamper the Evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak?

That is always an option for iPhones and iPad users but BGR warned on its report that the dispatch is meant largely for developers to tinker with. In short, there are glitches - Bluetooth and iTunes complications among them - to be encountered and testing the software is not for the faint of heart.

Sure there are cool features cooked up for the update, per the report from CNET, but these minor benefits are far outweighed by merits of being patient for the moment.

Besides, as asserted by Evad3r MuscleNerd, it pays to wait. In recent reports, the jailbreak insist that while jumping to the official iOS 7.0.4 update it totally harmless, chewing it down could spell serious troubles for jailbreakers.

One of that, according to MuscleNerd, is the possibility of being locked out from any form of jailbreak, which obviously Apple is hell-bent on doing.

Best thing to do for now is WAIT, the hacker said on his tweets, emphasising that his warning mostly applies to fresh jailbreak recruits. The vet, he allowed, should be prudent enough to observe self-restraint.

It goes without saying that the MuscleNerd advisory works for the iOS 7.0.4 upgrade and iOS 7.1 in beta render.

And to best enjoy a liberating holiday season for the jailbreak community, Team Evad3rs would surely offer the wisdom of sticking for now with the working JB editions though the thought of tasting the iOS 6.1.3 at the interim should give jailbreakers something nice to unwrap this Christmas.