Intel Remote Keyboard App Allows Work On PC From A Smartphone

By @s_rituparna on
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The latest Remote Keyboard Android app will allow users to remotely work on their PCs using smartphones and tablets. The application is availabe as a free download on Google Play Store.

Although the app is specifically designed for Intel’s Compute Stick and NUC PSs (configured to be connected to a television) it also works with computers running Windows 7 and 8 using Wi-Fi. Intel is also in the process of introducing the application on iOS as soon as possible. 

How it works

·         Download the application from Google Play Store and install the free host software on your PC

·         The mobile app will automatically indentify the host computer

·         Complete the pairing process by scanning a QR code on the computer (specifically for NUC and Compute Stick)

·         Once paired the app provides a QWERTY keyboard along with a trackpad (which supports multi-touch gestures)

·         It also shows up a scroll bar on the side of the screen

·         A single finger tap on the screen will produce a left mouse and two-fingered tap will be producing a right mouse 

·         Finger slide can be used for scrolling up and down

·         The app can be used in both portrait and landscape modes

·         It has a very high cursor speed which can be reduced from the general mouse settings in Windows. Do remember that this will also affect the speed of the physical mouse as well. So think twice before doing so.

·         Once the user leaves the app or turn off the screen, it takes few seconds to reconnect

There is no dearth of trackpad apps in the Google Play Store. But the Remote Keyboard app seems to be the best of the lot. This could be all that you would like to do and is good enough for remotely controlling your PC. Even if it is not fully featured, this app gets an edge over the other remote mouse software for being free.