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“Injustice: Gods Among Us” continues to outlive its predecessor with the new October update, which will add more characters and costumes to the mix. The mobile fighter will also get a brand new survival mode that may surprise fighting game fans used to playing the mode in different games.

While the mode still has the player taking on an endless onslaught of enemies, a wheel of prizes has been added to give players extra incentive to play. Once players choose a prize and beat their opponent, the game will give players the option to continue fighting with the remaining health they still have.

This adds a nice risk versus reward style system as the opponents get tougher but the prizes also get better, according to Touch Arcade. Players will be able to use power credits to refill the health of their characters per round and if need be, switch with a back up team of the player’s choosing.

The downside to the new mode is that it can only be played once a day unless players are willing to use their power credits to speed the timer. Still, the new mode should please “Injustice” fans who want some extra incentive for their fisticuffs.

As for new characters, fans will soon be able to unlock the Arkham Knight from “Batman: Arkham Knight” and Reverse Flash from the popular CW show “The Flash.” Other characters include Batman and Harley Quinn in their “Arkham Knight” outfits, Martian Manhunter from “Blackest Night,” Wonder Woman in her Justice League attire and much more.

Gamasutra states that players will be able to attain these characters through the game’s challenge mode or through in-app purchases. These characters will not be in the console version, joining Darkseid, Static Shock, Trigon and more as mobile exclusive characters.

Mobile players can download “Injustice: Gods Among Us” right now for their iOS or Android devices. The game is free for anyone to download and supports in-app purchases for those not into game grinding. Console gamers can also pick up “Injustice: Ultimate Edition,” which has all of the game’s downloadable content on disc.

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Injustice Mobile - October Update Trailer (Credit: YouTube/InjusticeGame)