After the HTC One M9 was released in March 2015, it is time for the HTC One M10 to make its debut. HTC is ready with its next bundle of surprises in its M10, which is expected to have a host of defining features.

An official iHTConem10 blog says that the HTC One M10 is going to be one of the best phones in the HTC One M series. Given the interesting specifications and features of the HTC One M9, the upcoming HTC One M10 is expected to be a killer smartphone with better features than its predecessor.

As observed earlier, the HTC One M9 made quite impressive sales so a lot is expected from the M10. Let’s have a look at the expected specs, release date and price of HTC’s next smartphone.


It is pretty much speculated that the HTC M10 will use the 2K resolution for its display screen. In addition, the display of the phone is expected to be a 5-inch screen.

SIM power

You can expect the device to have a dual SIM support designed with nano technology. Nowadays, you will find that almost all smartphones have dual SIM slots.


The phone will sport a 27MP rear camera that will come with a phase detection autofocus technology. The front shooter will also boast of a high megapixel camera that will be great for taking selfies.


The processor determines the smooth functionality of a device. The HTC One M10 is going to have Qualcomm’s 820 chipset inside, which is expected to bring super fast functions in the handset. Apart from the processor, the phone will also use a graphics card that will improve graphic quality of images for visually appealing gaming experience, reports Master Herald.

Fingerprint scanner

The major highlight of the phone is that it will sport a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, allowing you to unlock the device with the use of your finger impression. This will ensure maximum security of your device so that no one can have access to the various functions in your phone, reports HTCM10One.

Price and release date

The HTC M10 is expected to release in March 2016. The phone is likely to be in a price range between US$800 (approx. AU$1095) and US$1000 (approx. AU$1367), reports iHTConem10.