How To Script A Video Application Essay For College
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Imagine someone gave you few minutes to say something that could change the direction of your education and career. That’s exactly what a video college application essay means – you have to be smart with the way you use that time. Video essays are fun and captivating. If you manage to make yours engaging, you’ll stay in the memory of the admissions committee. However, it’s difficult to achieve a good first impression if this is your first time scripting a personal video. Well-known Australian essay writing company prepared for you valuable tips on how to do your essay in the best way.

First of all, let’s make this clear: you should definitely make an attempt to create a video application essay. Its main advantage is behind the connection you will form with the viewer. That doesn’t mean you should press record and start talking about yourself as inspiration hits you. If you opt for a video application essay, you have to do it properly. Here is how:

1. Capture the viewer’s attention

You’ve written many papers before; you know you have to hook the reader from the very first sentence. Video essays are not different. Start with a great hook that introduces one of your interests. Starting with “Hello, my name is…” is not the ideal phrase for this project.

You can take an important moment of your life, for example “I remember my grandfather reading a story on a cold winter night – that was the moment when I got consumed into the world of literature.” This opening leaves space for more elaboration, so it’s a decent hook. Of course, you should stay away from the cliché of grandfathers reading stories, so think of something cooler and very personal.

2. Sell yourself!

You’ve probably been frustrated by those long TV selling sessions that repeat the same things over and over again. That’s not what you want to do. Yes, the video essay is a form of personal advertisement, but you should still make it a bit more natural. Think about the advertisements you like. They present the products in a way that makes you think you need them in your life. Now we are getting somewhere: you want the admission committee to want you as part of this college.

You can achieve that impression by talking about your accomplishments, strong personal traits, and goals for your future.

3. Be honest about your motivation and goals!

What motivates you to take your education beyond high school? Where do you see yourself in five years? Think about these questions and offer unique answers in your video essay. When you contemplate a bit deeper, you’ll understand that you don’t want to go to college just because you saw tons of movies and the parties seemed cool. This is one of the greatest chances you have in life. Education opens opportunities that can take you anywhere you imagine.

In your video, you should show your honest motivation and passion for learning. Do not present yourself as someone on their way to a doctorate if you don’t see yourself in the role of a PhD expert. Think about the things that truly inspire you to get a degree and present them in the video.

4. Talk about your choice of school!

Why did you choose to apply to this particular college? Being honest about the choice doesn’t mean you can say “I stand no chance of getting into Harvard, so I’m applying to second-grade schools, including this one.” If you followed this guide, you saw that you need to think about your motivation and goals for future. Now, think about the ways that exact college is going to help you get the future you imagine.

How did this school end up on your short list? How will you contribute to the life at campus?

5. Write a script, but be flexible!

If you recite the script just as you memorize it, everything will seem fixed and unnatural. Practice talking in front of the camera and leave some space for improvising. The best ideas may come when you start filming, so don’t ignore them just because you already have a script. Remember: you have countless chances to edit the video, so experiment with different versions. If you notice that you were pausing to remember the next sentence, try again.

Understand the Purpose of Video College Application Essays!

As every other college applicant, you have a unique story to tell. Do not perceive yourself as an ordinary high-school graduate with the same GPA as thousands of other applicants. You are an individual person with unique goals and interests. Think about this when constructing the script. The whole purpose of this type of application essay is to convey your personality in its most natural form.

You’ll definitely discover moments worth sharing! Then, think about the way those moments formed your interests, and the interests formed your goals. Everything will fall into place and you’ll suddenly realize that this is the exact college you were meant to attend. That inspiration will enable you to film a convincing video.