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A person plays a video game at a Sony PlayStation in the Sony's flagship store in Berlin, April 27, 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

The original "Hotline Miami" was one of the nicer surprises to hit video games in 2012. An extremely violent 2D top-down action game from developer Dennaton Games, this download-only title garnered critical acclaim upon its release, thanks to a mix of 80's nostalgia, over-the-top action and an interesting story gaining an overall score of 85 from Metacritic. The success of the game led to a PlayStation 4 release last August and a collaboration with OverKill Software to release "Hotline Miami" inspired downloadable content for popular online game "Patday 2."

Announced last year as the last game in the series, "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" is now reportedly committed to an early 2015 release for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita according to Eurogamer. A playable demo was available during Gamescom, garnering a positive reaction from Techland and Polygon who praised how the game looked so far.

New features include an unlockable hard mode for fans that want an extra challenge, along with more weapons and levels. Dennis Wedin from Dennaton Games also promised more playable characters would be less bland and have actual personalities in the game rather than the homage/parody characters who populated the first game. Wedin also promised that these characters would all have their own storylines, questioning their role in the game and what expectations they have for their lives.

Expectations are also a huge part of the game as it not only affects the fans who are heavily anticipating the release of the game, but the characters and the lives they have in the game. Taking place several years after the last game, the nameless protagonist's actions have had a major influence in Miami, inspiring a slasher film -- that's a playable level -- and two factions one of whom are called "The Fans," who are parodies of video game fans who want their sequels to be exactly like their predecessors.

Also announced is a special package of the game that will have vinyl records of the game's soundtrack. This special edition will also come bundled with a digital code for all 28 tracks and a Steam version of the game and will cost $60. While no definitive release date was given, the game is expected to arrive in early 2015 for the PS3, PS4, PS Vita and the PC.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Dial Tone Trailer (Credit: Youtube/PlayStation)