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The plot thickens regarding rumours of actress Emma Stone joining the “Death Stranding” cast. Fans thought that such talks had already been put to rest. Though the clamor for Stone to appear in Hideo Kojima’s project had died down, speculations have recently been revitalised. Such was provided by none other than Kojima himself.

A recent picture posted on Twitter by Kojima showed a Funko! Pop toy of Mikkelsen’s character from the television series “Hannibal,” together with a toy of what some fans speculate to be Stone. Some would argue, however, that the toy is actually a representation of Black Widow from the Marvel universe. But netizens have pointed out that another recent tweet by Kojima reinforces the possibility of Stone’s addition to the “Death Stranding” cast.

The post in question refers to a photo showing Kojima next to a “La La Land” poster. Stone’s name and her co-star’s (Ryan Gosling) are notably seen in the picture. Some fans claim the circumstances to be too convenient to be merely coincidental.

Despite such pieces of evidence seemingly proving that Stone will indeed work with Kojima, there has yet to be a word of confirmation from Kojima Productions. As such, the prospect of a collaboration between Stone and Kojima still remains vague.

Other rumours surrounding the video game’s cast involved Stefanie Joosten, known for her work as Quiet in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.” Having worked with Kojima in the aforementioned “Metal Gear” entry, it would come as no surprise for Joosten to be involved in another Kojima project. Such speculations had been further fuelled when, at a recent fan event, Joosten kept silent when asked if she would be involved in “Death Stranding.” Her lack of response implied that she might already be in the upcoming title one way or another.

No release date has been set for “Death Stranding” just yet. It will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.