It is now official that Hideo Kojima is forming a new studio and his first title will blast off on the PS4. Some of Kojima’s employees from Konami will reportedly join him in forming Kojima’s new studio, aptly named Kojima Productions.

A Japanese newspaper reported that the legendary game designer, known for developing the popular “Metal Gear Solid” series will be accompanied by the former Konami employees. Kotaku reported that report published in the newspaper suggests that the developer’s new title will be a PS4 exclusive. The report is translated by a NeoGAF user.

Sony announced this collaboration with Hideo Kojima in a video. Seen below, Kojima announced that he is making a new franchise that will deliver a title exclusively to the PS4. PlayStation president Andrew House also appeared in the video sitting next to Kojima. House noted that Sony will be offering full support to Kojima’s next project. The last few seconds of the video revealed the new logo for Kojima Productions.

The fact that Sony has declared full support for Kojima is good for his new venture, but it’s very clear that the Konami will hold the “Metal Gear” license. The new games developed under Kojima Productions will have to be different from the “Metal Gear” series unless Konami hires them again, and that’s close to impossible.

“My employment contract with Konami has been terminated as of Dec. 15. I’m committed to be involved in creative activities for as long as I live,” said Kojima via his official Twitter account.

The rumours that Kojima left Konami earlier in October are now also obviously false, as contractually he was at the company. During The Game Awards event this year, Kojima’s absence on stage has also sparked many debates. GameSpot reported that one of Kojima’s personal close friend revealed that the lawyers instructed Kojima not to attend the event.

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Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)