Activision recently announced that there will be 70 new songs that will hit “Guitar Hero Live” before the year ends, all of which will be available through the game’s “GHTV” online mode. This seems to be a win-win situation for the company and the fans, as the title will continue to feel fresh with a daily dose of new songs.

Like some free-to-play online games, GHTV offers a number of new tracks on a rotating basis, as reported by GameSpot. The tracks get reshuffled after a week or so, and fans can purchase these songs with in-game currency and real money.

The new music will come from a variety of artists, including “Fallout Boy,” “Blink-182,” “Black Veil Bridges” and more. The mix of classic and modern music should appeal to a wide variety of fans and will be a crucial part of the game’s longevity.

New songs will first appear as part of the game’s new “Premium Show” feature, which will be accessible once fans complete difficult entry challenges. Once completed, fans can play the songs as long as they’d like, until the Premium Show period ends.

Once the period is over, all of the songs will be part of the massive on-demand catalogue that will later be added to the GHTV channel rotation. Fans can either pay for the tracks to be permanently available or simply wait for it in the channel rotation.

To celebrate this, Activision has made the game’s on-demand catalogue free for everyone this weekend, according to Touch Arcade. Fans of the game better clear their weekend plans if they want to try out the new songs for free.

Considering how both “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” got stale after numerous sequels and spinoff games, it is interesting to see “Guitar Hero Live” do so well. Both critics and fans seemed to have liked it, which may be because it has been a long time since the previous games dominated the market.

“Guitar Hero Live” is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS devices. Each platform, including the iOS, has an instrument set that can be used for more authentic gameplay and multiplayer.

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Official Guitar Hero® Live Trailer - Win The Crowd (Credit: YouTube/GuitarHeroGames)