"GTA 5" screenshot from "GTA V TV" website.

“GTA 5” DLC was initially expected in August but now fans expect the DLC to be released on Sept. 20. “Grand Theft Auto 5” new online DLC rumours have reached boiling point and the wait seems long and frustrating.

New rumours surrounding the “GTA 5” Biker DLC started when “GTA” Forum member Mach1bud posted about his favourite driver Lennie Pond who finished 20th in a NASCAR race back in 1984.

According to iDigitalTimes, “GTA 5” tipster Yan2295 replied to March1bud stating that even though people are impatient and can’t wait to get their hands on the “GTA 5” DLC, they should in fact just chill as the DLC won’t take 20 years to be released.

Yan2295 had earlier tweeted in August that although the “GTA 5” DLC was slated to be released in August, developers faced certain issues and it’s not coming up in a while. Now, another forum member BenDeR_ kind of confirmed the new DLC release date to be on or before Sept. 20.

“As Yan2295 kind of confirmed it, the planned release date for the biker update is September 20th. Lockdown was yesterday, Aug. 30, and the submission date is Sept. 13. So, expect an announcement anytime between now and Sept. 20, because Rockstar CAN announce stuff before sending the updates to Sony and Microsoft, as they did it in the past,” BenDeR_ wrote.

Keeping aside the “GTA 5” Biker DLC, Rockstar has not even released any single player DLC for “Grand Theft Auto 5” after its release on Sept. 17, 2013. Previous reports had even suggested that Rockstar had no plans of adding single player DLC's to the game as developers were busy with “GTA Online.”

Thus, single player DLC is not in the works but the “GTA 5” Biker DLC is gaining a lot of hype. Following the Double RP and GTA Money Freemode Event Week, Rock is expected to end its Verified Creator Stunt Races Contest on Sept. 12.

Rockstar generally chooses Thursdays to announce new content and Tuesdays to release it. The “GTA 5” DLC announcement may be made on Sept. 15. “GTA 5” Biker DLC codes leaked in July and they revealed five new “Goon Boss” game modes.