Liberal frontbencher Josh Frydenberg has criticised the Grand Mufti of Australia, saying that his response to recent global terrorist events, including the Paris terror attacks, was inadequate.

“I think the Grand Mufti failed in his leadership with his statement,” Frydenberg told Sky News. “He has more of a responsibility, not only to the Muslim community but to the community at large, because all our security is at risk.”

The nation’s senior most Islamic leader, the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Muhammed had expressed sympathy for the victims of the Paris terror attacks and condemned the perpetrators in a formal statement that was issued following the events in Paris. However, his statement, delivered on behalf of the Australian National Imams Council, has been criticised for suggesting that “Islamophobia” and “western military intervention” are primary reasons for such attacks.

"We wish to emphasise it is incorrect to imply that the reference to causative factors provides justification for these acts of terrorism. There is no justification for the taking of innocent lives," he later said in another statement.

The amended statement has been accepted by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other ministers but Frydenberg believes the statement that followed the first one, was an attempt by the Grand Mufti to "cover up" his mistakes. Acccording to Frydenberg, Abu Muhammed's remarks are not enough to counter extremist Islam.

When the minister was asked if he thinks Abu Muhammed should resign from his role, he said it was up to the Mufti and the Muslim community. He however said that it was time for the religious leader of the country to show greater leadership, while adding that there is a need for greater military action in Syria and Iraq.

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