A smartwatch fitness tracker is a great gift you can give yourself this festive season. The Huawei Honor Band Z1 up for sale at AU$113 (Rs. 5,499) on Flipkart lets you enjoy a series of tracking features to help you stay fit.

Crafted out of polished and high-quality steel, the band offers great display in its 2.69 cm touch-enabled, OLED screen. Therefore, while briskly walking or jogging with the band on your wrist, it’s easy to quickly check health readings at a glance, reports Indian Express.

The external body is made out of water-resistant materials thus making the band wearable at a depth of 1.5 meters. Its dust-resistant features help keep the band safe for daily use. Being built out of hypoallergenic TPU fabric, the strap still feels comfortable on your wrist even after being worn for several long hours.

Huawei’s definition of power-driven smartwatches iw evident from its magnetic charging clock capable of quickly recharging the battery. The band has a 70 mAH battery that takes 1.5 hours to get charged and offers three days of rigorous use and 14 days of standby time.

Both iOS and Android fans will love this watch that uses the two operating systems. Powered by a Cortex M4 STM32F411 processor, the Band Z1 runs pretty fast and features Bluetooth 4.1. It allows access to data or any other information from other devices via Bluetooth.

It’s easy to keep track of health-related facts like calorie count, sleep quality and steps with the Band Z1. The readings give you an understanding of whether you need to follow a proper diet or bring changes to your daily lifestyle.

Also, use the Huawei wear app for syncing your smartwatch with your smartphone so you can access all the data on your phone.

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