Attendees wait for the program to begin during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco, California, US, October 4, 2016. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

The Google Play Store is releasing a new feature that allows users to stream applications before purchasing. While the streaming is only available for some time, it will provide users with enough information to decide whether or not the application is worth their buy.

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Application streaming

According to Android Police, Google actually started testing out the feature about a year ago, but it did not start rolling out until this week. The app streaming feature, which for now only applies to game applications, will give users the opportunity to try out the app before making the commitment of purchasing the same.

Users can check whether or not the feature is already available in their handhelds by clicking on the Google Play Store and choosing a game app that will need to be bought. If the feature is live on the smartphone, a “Try Now” option will appear beside the price of the game.

The free streaming, however, is only good for a 10-minute period. During the free game play, there will be a Google Play Store button floating above the screen. Pressing this button opens a menu, which indicates the time remaining to stream the application as well as various details on the game. The same button allows users to exit the streaming page.

At this point, the time limit resets when the app is restarted, but players will need to start from the initial stage. However, it is unclear whether or not Google will alter this as the feature continues to roll out.

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App refunds

Google also used to provide refunds for games if users decided to wipe the application from their handhelds within a limited period of time. Initially, that time period was only 15 minutes, but Google eventually extended it to 2 hours.

However, Google’s new protocol on refunds are now a little more strict. The company only allows refunds for unauthorised purchases and defective or accidental purchases.