If you opened up the Google page recently you might see the blue arrow pointing out to the site's black bar to +You. After months of being in closed beta Google finally opened its doors to the public on their newest product Google+ for open beta. After tweaking and taking out the bugs, it is ready for further scrutiny in public testing.

If you are one of the lucky people that managed to get an invitation to its testing two months ago, you might have seen it be a hub of technology experts, writers and the who's who of the social media scene.

Let's have a look at what shook Facebook awake and bustling to make more improvements.

Many of people around the internet might be wondering what sets it apart Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As a Google product, it is integrated with its services like Youtube, Picasa and Google Docs. It could be said that while Facebook develops itself by being integrated with other services outside, Google+ is being developed internally and externally. Soon it would also be integrated like the Google +1 or Buzz and of course Facebook with other websites for commenting. The service also is crawled by Google search engines so if you are looking for another venue to spread the word out, Google+ can help you and increase your search rankings.

For the social site itself, you don't get a friend list. You have a circles in which to put people you know. You could group them to friends, family, following and any circle you want. This feature is also now emulated by Facebook with subgroups. You could choose who could read your posts. Useful for somethings you would never say in front of your family. The chat interface is called hangouts and it also includes video chat. Say goodbye to apps for games, Google+ has a special place for games instead of it hanging around with other apps.

Other features include, and you would be seeing this a lot, bigger Youtube previews (360p videos play in the site), animated GIFs posts, and other little things such as web links also feature their favicons. If you want to know more, it is a very good idea to follow tipster Ryan Crowe or MySpace's Tom to get you started exploring Google+.