Google Nexus 7
The new Nexus 7 tablet is displayed during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco, California, July 24, 2013. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Google and Huawei had a fallout on the Pixel front as the latter turned down the search giant due to Google insisting that its brand would be the only one adorning the Pixels. The Google Nexus 7 2016 tablet has also not been announced and that is worrying fans.

A report surfaced online last month claiming Google was in talks with Huawei for manufacturing the Pixel smartphones but then chose HTC as the contract manufacturer. It was speculated back then that the Google Nexus 7 2016 tablet will make its way before Christmas.

According to GSMArena, Huawei executives turned down Google when they heard that the Huawei logo won’t feature on the Pixel phones. This could have halted the production of the Nexus 7 2016 tablet.

The report that surfaced online was thought to be based out of rumours but Huawei's Vice President of the Consumer Business Group, Colin Giles, confirmed the news recently. This has made fans disappointed as the future of the Nexus 7 2016 is now uncertain.

Huawei would not have benefitted in any manner if it simply became the contract manufacturer for the Google Pixel phones. This is because it’s striving to make a name for itself among the well-known names in the smartphone market. As per the report, it is likely that the Huawei logo would have been absent from the Google Nexus 7 2016 device too.

This could be a reason why Google has not revealed anything on its highly-anticipated Google Nexus 7 2016 tablet. It does not seem like a possibility that the device will make its way into the market in 2016. There has been not a single leaked image of the device and this has fuelled rumours of Google choosing to discontinue production of the tablet.

Earlier it was speculated that the Google Nexus 7 2016 would be running on the Andromeda OS and be powered by a Snapdragon 820 chipset and Adreno 530 GPU. It was believed to have 64GB of internal storage and a 4GB RAM. USB Type-C connectivity was also anticipated along with a powerful 5,100 mAh battery, reported Auto World News.