Google Allo
Erik Kay, engineering director at Google, introduces Allo and Duo on stage during the Google I/O 2016 developers conference in Mountain View, California May 18, 2016. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Google Allo has challenged Apple’s latest iOS 10 iMessage features. The iOS 10 update by the tech giant gave its fans some pretty amazing features. Fans have loved Apple’s iMessage along with some other features the iOS 10 update brought.

As per iTech Post, users can add incredible effects to their messages and also stickers. However, Google has come up with Allo and it seems Apple will have some hard time competing against it. But is it good enough to take away the attention from iMessage?

Google has already announced its highly-anticipated messaging app Google Allo but whether it is better than iMessage, that only time will tell. Google is also a tech giant and a new product or service is bound to create buzz. But the real competition starts once the initial hype and hoopla has died down.

Google Allo is the search giant’s latest offering to fans and it’s an open challenge to Apple. It’s an AI-centric, smart, modern day chat app that will offer features aimed at improving messaging conversations manifold, writes CNET.

The Google Allo chat app has a built-in image search feature like Apple’s iMessage. It also has a built-in assistant to assist users search information on the web. This is where Google may score over iMessage as Apple users still have to exit iMessage to access Apple digital assistant Siri.

Google Allo has a long way to go to prove if it’s better than Apple iMessage. However, it’s a nice start and just like Apple, Google too will look forward to bettering its chat app via regular updates.

The Google Assistant is reportedly the coolest feature in Google Allo as it’s basically the whole of Google in a chat box. The assistant works for just about anything and it also takes the user’s location into account to provide the best search results.