Albino Python "Cheesecake"
An albino python named "Cheesecake" sticks out its tongue at Malabon zoo in Malabon, Metro Manila February 3, 2013. The Lunar New Year begins on February 10 this year and marks the start of the Year of the Snake. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

A cute, unsuspecting and unlucky puppy was served as a meal to a gold python by its owner. The incident has infuriated many animal rights groups and attracted a demand to report all similar offences to authorities.

In a viral video posted on Facebook by Strive for Animals Welfare (SAW), the puppy can be seen sitting innocently close to the snake, and actually enjoys being licked for a moment before the unexpected happens. It is not yet clear what motivated the snake owner to do this, but we are told this is not his first time and hope it will be his last.

According to SAW, this snake owner has been in the habit of adopting puppies to feed them to his python. In the video, you can hear voices of people watching the incident but they do nothing to stop the snake from taking away the precious life of the unsuspecting dog. It is not yet known where the incident occurred.

If this was an attempt at creating a viral video for the world to see, they got it right, but at such a great price! Watch the video here: Snake feeds on cute puppy