Cast Member Naya Rivera Attends the 100th Episode Celebration of 'Glee' in West Hollywood
Cast member Naya Rivera attends the the 100th episode celebration of Glee in West Hollywood, California, March 18, 2014. REUTERS

Naya River has a theory on showering and how frequent a person showers. On the Tuesday episode of "The View," the "Glee" star shared that now that she's married to a white man, she could attest that multiple showers a day is a "white people thing."

When her co-host Nicolle Wallace on "The View" shared to the viewers that she showers several times a day, Naya Rivera found it the perfect moment to share her 'theory" about showering and the frequency a person takes one. "I have a theory about showering ... which is I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics," Rivera said, who was a guest co-host on the said talk show. "I think that, like, showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing."

She added that this is something she personally witnessed with her "white husband." She said that she could see her husband of six months, Ryan Dorsey taking showers several times a day and she could not believe it. She even pointed it out to him, asking him what he's doing. She even used a scientific study to back up her claims that showering multiple times a day is weird. She said she read somewhere that a person is only supposed to take a shower "once or twice every three days."

US magazine reports that the viewers of the show were not happy with her "theory" though. Some beg to digress from what she said. People of color who got affected with what she said claimed that the actress's point of view was better left unsaid. Some said that white people would start thinking they do not shower as needed. Naya herself responded to these critics, tweeting that when they get out of their showers, they should all start having "a sense of humor."

Naya Rivera talking about her husband's showering habits shows how comfortable they are now, married for six month already. Six months ago, Naya Rivera stunned everyone when she announced she's going to marry Ryan Dorsey. She just got out of an engagement with Big Sean three months prior, so it was not a surprise that people would react violently to the news. Friends even claimed that the actress was totally devastated with her breakup with Big Sean.