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IN PHOTO: A man plays a computer game at an internet cafe in Beijing May 9, 2014. As growing numbers of young people in China immerse themselves in the cyber world, spending hours playing games online, worried parents are increasingly turning to boot camps to crush addiction. Military-style boot camps, designed to wean young people off their addiction to the internet, number as many as 250 in China alone. Picture taken May 9, 2014. Reuters

Popular mobile game developer Gameloft has developed a reputation for making console-quality games on mobile devices. The company has been tasked to do movie-licensed games like "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Thor: The Dark World." However, the company has also grown in popularty thanks to its own IP like the first person shooter series "N.O.V.A." and the ever-popular "Dungeon Hunter" series.

Now, thanks to a report from Touch Arcade and the site's active forum, it looks like Gameloft is working on the next game of the series: "Dungeon Hunter 5." A teaser video has been revealed along with a mysterious site simply called "Stand Against The Chaos." The site also has a countdown clock, which will end tomorrow, so there's a possibility the game could be announced by then.

Gameloft also has an unfinished mini-site that strangely doesn't lead to a typical 404 error. Instead, it features a white background with the words "Gameloft MNL (d-h-5)," which are easily the initials for "Dungeon Hunter 5." It's quite clear that an announcement will be made sooner rather than later, with the aforementioned countdown clock ending tomorrow. The company is also set to have a panel on mobile streaming at the PAX South in San Antonio, Texas next weekend, so it is possible there will be more information about the game revealed there. No release date has been announced or teased, but Gameloft should have a press release in the upcoming days or weeks.

The previous iteration of the series "Dungeon Hunter 4" has been criticised for abusing its free-to-play service to an absurd level, though it was considered an improvement over the mediocre "Dungeon Hunter 3", which ditched dungeons altogether and replaced them with constant battle arenas. Kotaku has gone as far as to call the pay model "disgusting" as the game features various items and weapons needing actual money to be used. The game would also supply players with only three health potions a day, with additional potions only being available through payment as enemies do not drop potions in the game. Right now it is unknown if "Dungeon Hunter 5" will be free-to-play or not.

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