Double Fine Productions is giving the remaster treatment to two of its titles, both of which will be set to launch on the PS4, PS Vita and PC. At the PlayStation Experience event over the weekend, the developer announced “Full Throttle” Remastered and “Day of the Tentacle” Remastered with the new titles.

The first title, “Full Throttle” Remastered, will reportedly feature all new artwork including animation and high resolution background. Double Fine stated over its official website that each frame is being repainted by hand. Double Fine Productions will also work on improvements in sound and music quality. Besides playing the game in a more high-definition quality, fans can also expect some extra add-ons like concept artwork, commentary tracks and much more.

Originally released by LucasArts, “Day of The Tentacle” is an adventure game that takes the player into a world where three friends are working together on a quest to stop the evil creature from taking over the world. The remastered version of “Day of The Tentacle” will follow the same story line but with enhanced features.

According to PlayStation blog, the two different modes, the classic and remastered, will allow the players to switch modes and provide more variety to the gameplay. Graphics, audio and UI have also enhanced and “Day of The Tentacle” will also include commentary track and concept browser.

According to the trailer released for “Day of the Tentacle: Remastered,” the new versions of these games are beyond remapping of controls and graphics enhancements. The new versions are a complete remake from starting to end.

Apart from the remastered titles, Double Fine is busy in production, as it has a couple of games lined up for release in the coming years. A PlayStation VR puzzler “Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin,” will be an interesting take on “Psychonauts.” The studio’s crowdfunding campaign, “Psychonauts 2,” set for the US$ 3.3 million (approx. AU$4.5 million), is achieving its funding goals fast. Finally, a new PS4 title “Head Lanfer” is also coming in by 2016 together with Adult Swim.

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Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trailer (Credit: YouTube/DoubleFineProd)