Samsung Smart Wearable Devices Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit
IN PHOTO: New Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (L), Gear 2 smartwatch (C) and Gear Fit fitness band are displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 23, 2014. Samsung Electronics unveiled a new smart watch and fitness band along with the latest version of its flagship Galaxy smartphone on Monday, demonstrating how the battleground for innovation is shifting from the hand to the wrist. Picture taken on February 23. REUTERS/Albert Gea Reuters

Fujitsu unveiled the wearable right after the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Apparently, the big international tech show also showcased other wearables like jewelry, smartwatches, fitness trackers and even headgears. Another ring type device called the Ring, which was designed by Logbar was also unveiled in the recent tech show. The Ring by Logbar can be used to switch home appliances on and off by pointing the ring at the appliance with a finger.

According to CNET, Fujitsu's wearable is available in different sizes and is equipped with motion sensors and has a small button. The motion sensors in the Ring can trace the movements of the operator's finger.

The company reveals that in order to recognize "air-writing," the technology needs to be able to distinguish between the finger strokes that make up the letterform and the empty spaces that the finger moves through between the strokes. Using a button to indicate "pen down" and "pen up" states would be troublesome, so Fujitsu Laboratories took an approach that allows for longhand writing in a fluid single-stroke motion.

Computer World reports that the ring is designed for workers who handles maintenance or repairs since they will be able to take down notes even as they work. The plastic device also has a Bluetooth Low Energy module and is packed with a battery that can last up to eight hours of function. Fujitsu's prototype ring weighs less than 10 grams.

The Ring received $880,998 in funding. Unfortunately, Fujitsu's ring received bad feedback. It seems like that company ran into some problems. However, a big company like Fujitsu will most likely execute this project for the consumers only when it is ready to.

Fujitsu Laboratories is continuously testing and improving the real-world usability of the Bluetooth ring with a goal of practical implementation. The tech company wants its upcoming product to be functional instead of being just a mere fashion accessory. The wearable ring-type device might be launched in the market by April 2016.

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