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Garmin Edge 520, iFit Vue and Jawbone Up3 fitness devices Garmin/iFit/Jawbone

There are a few fitness gadgets out there that keep you motivated as you fight to stay in good shape and boost your health. Five of these fitness devices -- iFit, Jawbone, Moov, Suunto and Garmin -- aim to help you stay determined to follow a fitness program without becoming de-motivated.

The handy devices will do everything; from helping you keep count of how many steps you take to understanding the requirements for your next workout. The iFit Vue has an incredible display that monitors your sleep and keeps track of your workout. The added advantage is that the device charges through a USB cradle and has a battery that lasts for almost a week.

Since its launch, the Jawbone Up3 has improved drastically and is now available in new styles and colours. It’s a fitness-tracking gadget that records the number of hours and stages of sleep while also measuring your heart rate, as reported by Jawbone lacks a waterproof display and body, however, so users should be careful when wearing it out in the rain or in a shower.

Moov is quite handy as it works with different apps and is a fitness tracker for various sports like swimming, running, walking, and cycling. It’s suggested that fitness enthusiasts use Moov's “Now" fitness tracker to access any exercise program. The device records data on activities such as cadence, pace, elevation, force of impact and gives you audio feedback to help you improve during your workouts.

The Suunto Ambit3 Sport is a sports watch for multisport athletes. It’s waterproof up to 50 metres, has a triathlon mode and features smartphone notifications. Users can now track their cycling or running pace and keep count of the number of laps in a pool with the help of the device, reports Social Media News.

The Garmin Edge 520 seeks to help cyclists by monitoring their heart rates. The most impressive part is being able to pair the device with a smartphone app, which allows your family to follow your ride with the aid of live tracking.

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