Believing that computers “know us better than we know ourselves,” Nicole He, a graduate student from the New York University, has built the True Love Tinder Robot that promises to help people find their true love.

The robot helps find true love by feeling the user’s sweaty hands, according to the Verge. The robot is designed to use a holder for a smartphone running Tinder, a sensor pad which reads its user's physiological reactions, and a robotic hand that swipes left (reject) or right (accept), reports the ABC.

The idea of the True Love Tinder Robot came to Nicole while she was sleeping. According to the ABC, Nicole, who built the robot as part of a two-year graduate program, says, “In a time when it’s very normal for couples to meet online, we trust that algorithms on dating sites can find us suitable partners.”

The robot works on the same principle as the one used in polygraph machines (lie detectors) and in psychological research. This means that the robot’s sensors read the level of electrical conductivity in the user’s skin, or how sweaty the palms get.

Creating the hand, according to Nicole, was the most difficult part of the robot, which is otherwise made of some common electronic items, a metal plate and a wooden box. She claims that the technology is “definitely, absolutely, 100 percent no doubt” scientific.

The Tinder dating app has been the subject of much research in recent months. UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is trying to leverage its appeal to raise awareness about health care. NHS is trying to rope in a celebrity to promote its health care campaign on Tinder. According to the Fast Company, those who swipe right will be asked to register for organ donation after death.

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