Final Fantasy XV
The Japanese blog for "Final Fantasy XV" is finally open. Final Fantasy XV website

Just as Square Enix has promised, a new “Final Fantasy XV” official blog has been released. This is supposed to be the replacement for the Japanese forums, where the fans and the developer try to converse about feedback for the game.

The new Japanese blog can be seen in the link here. However, the blog caters to the Japanese audience, so discussions and announcements are in the Japanese language.

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There is already one opening message from the developers, welcoming everyone to the new site, Gematsu reported. The “Final Fantasy XV: development team confirmed that this will be the new venue for which fans can expect announcements and other types of new information releases, as per the translation of the text.

The website also features a couple of screenshots, seen in this link here. However, most of these have already been featured before, though this time, the images have been arranged and grouped according to category. Screenshots include those of the characters, the world locations, battle scenes, monsters to be encountered in “Final Fantasy XV,” the dungeon and the camp.

Together with the debut of the new website, the developer has also revealed a new screenshot to celebrate. Seen above, the screenshot shows the gang looking into the horizon in a very dramatic shot.

More than the new website, fans are also looking forward to the March event titled Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. Previously reported by WCCF Tech, the event will reportedly showcase a lot of new details about the game. Most importantly, Square Enix will finally uncover the release date for “Final Fantasy XV,” something that fans have been looking forward to a while now.

There has also been a hint of a PC version spotted previously in the new Japanese website code. However to date, the developer has not made any mentions of a plan to release the game on the PC. “Final Fantasy XV” Uncovered event is set to happen on March 31.