Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" dev is holding a Chocobo Twitter contest to unlock gifts for players. Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed a sneak peek of the Monster Book for “Final Fantasy XV.” The sneak peek follows the latest unlocked prize for the ongoing Chocobo Keeper campaign.

Seen below, the trailer has almost five minutes of footage, though the actual showcase of monsters starts at around a minute and a half in. There are only a few monsters showcased, since the developer does not want to spoil too much from the game.

Several of the showcased artworks are concept art. Towards the end of the video, viewers are shown some snapshots of how the monsters are created for the game. it appears that the production is really about depth—to the point that some of the images have peg shots of the physiology of the monsters.

Community Manager Dan Seto does tease that the thickness of the Monster Book alone suggests just how many monsters can be seen in “Final Fantasy XV.” Hopefully, more can be seen soon. There’s still a long while to go before the release of the game on Sept. 30.

To tide over fans until then, Game Informer managed to get into the design books of the developer to showcase some concept artwork. These new artwork shows off how the team’s design sense had evolved throughout the development of “Final Fantasy XV.”

Some of the buildings seen in the artworks include the representation of Altissia, which takes inspiration from Venice. Even some of the cars exude style that looks more traditional following the regale of the Regalia.

Fans will also not be disappointed with one artwork, which shows off the battle scene from afar. According to the source, the image shows Nilfheim troops going to the Titan.

If those aren’t enough, there’s also a new gameplay footage sighted by Siliconera. Most of these are pre-beta gameplay footage, but something to watch and enjoy nonetheless.

"Final Fantasy XV" pre-beta gameplay (Credit : YouTube/Final Fantasy XV)