“Fallout Shelter” has received a new update with exciting features such as new conversations, pickup lines, Dweller management system and new sell all options. “Fallout Shelter” update is also bringing Dogmeat and few more pets to the game.

Game developer Bethesda has announced the details of a new update for “Fallout Shelter” via its official blog. Detailing the update, new pets are now available in “Fallout Shelter.” These four-legged companions will roam around the workers adding happiness to the vault. The new update empowers the Overseers to evict the non performers. “Fallout Shelter” players often deal with the lazy Dwellers that consume more resources and give out less. With the new update, players can get rid of them by updating their vaults settings for prime efficiency. The new update for “Fallout Shelter” is not only about adding pets to the game, but it also introduces several other features and fixes for the game.

Before the latest update, players had to clear out their overloaded inventory with excessive tapping on their devices which causes frustration. But now Vault-Tec has introduced several new sell all options that will help players clear out the inventory with just a single tap. In addition, improvements in Dweller management will also help experienced Overseers to manage vault activities.

“Fallout Shelter” lets the Dwellers interact with each other. Dwellers can also impress opposite sex members with catchy pick up lines. The new update brings a fresh collection of conversations and pickup lines for Dwellers.Once the Dwellers learn these lines, they will be able to interact with each other in whole new way. Players can also provide Dwellers with new clothes, weapons and training to improve their abilities. Dwellers with higher abilities are essential to keep the vaults safe, as they protect the vaults against threats.

“Fallout Shelter” already has massive amount of content that can keep players busy for hours but getting another bunch of new content makes the players realise that the developers really listens to them. TechTimes reported that “Fallout Shelter” celebrated Halloween earlier this year by adding skeletons, witches and bats to the game.

It is not announced by the developer but, the new update for “Fallout Shelter” also brings the spirit of the holidays to the game. There is a new holiday gear available to decorate the vaults and a Santa suit available for dwellers. The latest update for “Fallout Shelter” is now available to download on iOS and Android.

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Fallout Shelter - Announcement Trailer (Credit:YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)