Gilbert Deya
Dakkins who claims to be pregnant with a "miracle baby" shows midriff to Kenyan preacher Deya at Glasgow news conference. Deon Dakkins (L) who claims to be pregnant with a "miracle baby" shows her midriff to UK-based Kenyan preacher Gilbert Deya during a news conference in Glasgow September 29, 2004. Reuters/Roddy Scott

Even when UK’s NHS has approved new drug Nivolumab to treat advanced skin cancer cases, a fake UK Archbishop is fleecing susceptible church-goers by selling Aldi olive oil as a miracle cancer cure.

Gilbert Deya even claims to have anointed the olive oil. He sells the 750ml budget product to believers for £5 (AU$10.21) when it’s available in the Aldi supermarket for £1.99 (AU$4.06).

According to The Sun, 63-year-old Deya, who calls himself the Archbishop of Peckham, makes millions running deceitful evangelical churches in the UK. This he does even after a 10-year battle against extradition to his native Kenya to face baby-stealing charges at a Nairobi slum hospital.

Undercover reporters posed as a cancer-stricken wife and her husband to get entry into Deya’s church headquarters in Peckham, South London. They were given a leaflet detailing the magical powers of the oil if used on food and how it can overcome debt and illness.

“Don’t use any oil except this oil... and the cancer will just disappear. The healing will take place,” Deya told the undercover agents.

MP David Lammy was horrified at the news and called Deya a “pernicious crook.” However, the Home Office cannot expel him five years after Home Secretary Theresa May signed off his extradition.

The Charity Commission is investigating the bank accounts of Gilbert Deya Ministries. It shows £865,620 (AU$1.8 million) in donations in 2014, another £1 million (above AU$2 million) in savings and £2 million (AU$4.08 million) in properties.

In 2004, the police took nine children into protective custody after raiding Deya’s Nairobi home. Deya was arrested in the UK in 2006. In 2007, his wife was arrested and jailed for two years for stealing a child. In 2014, Deya was cleared of charges against him for raping and assaulting a woman follower, writes