Eight dumbbell presses are needed to burn the fat from eating junk food including burgers, fries and chocolate. As holiday parties approach and gaining weight is inevitable, this helpful advice from BigLoans will keep the worry away.

Women are recommended to take in 2000 calories daily while men need 2500 calories. According to an infographic, a burger would take up 19.6 per cent of male’s and 24.5 per cent of female’s daily diet. Eight flat and eight incline dumbbell presses will keep these calories in check.

Burning calories from eating french fries, which has 460 calories, needs 40 minutes of cardio for men and 48 minutes of cardio for women. Men need 59 minutes of cardio while women need 71 minutes just to burn a slice of pizza’s 682 calories.

A chocolate bar consists of 237 calories. Men and women need cardio of 21 and 25 minutes, respectively. A cake contains 1710 calories, unsurprisingly, and 149 to 178 minutes of cardio will take care of these astoundingly high calories.

The Independent reported that eating portions of junk food have no effect to the waistlines of most people and focusing on the number of calories is more important. Targeting specific junk food is ineffective at best. Moreover, this distracts the real cause of obesity, which needs to be studied.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 63 percent of adults and 25 percent of children are overweight or obese. However, this does not mean that junk foods should be avoided at all cost. A moderate diet is still best.

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