E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2014, the annual video game conference at the Los Angeles Convention center has unveiled quite an assortment of games this year. Both Microsoft and Sony utilized their turn impressively. Nevertheless, the war between PS4 and Xbox One are world renowned.

In the run up to catching the audience attention, introduction of new games, satisfying the gamers with tough and impressive sequels; who really won the audience over? Is it Sony or Microsoft?

According to Forbes, Sony just won the E3. Both the tech giants did whatever they can to prove their worth. They showcased exclusive games, and also some of the eye-catching independent games.

The publication rightly points out that, the major criticisms of Microsoft's press conference was the fact that the company concentrated heavily on selected games so much so that, the audience would have doubted if the company made a console or not.

"It wasn't bad, so much - some of the games looked great, even if many weren't exclusives, but it was decidedly safe. There wasn't much that felt exciting coming from Microsoft, and you could feel that in the presentation as well. It was timid, says Dave Thier of Forbes. He further added that, "that's not the worst thing in the world, but you could feel it in the room. For a company that needs to re-invigorate its console, that doesn't feel great."

With Microsoft trying to play safe in E3 2014, Sony looked to have a good grasp of the E3 press conference and the company representatives were enjoying the conference. Sony's Andrew House and Adam Boyes were totally at ease to the level that they smiled and had fun during the event.

While Microsoft focused on the games, Sony concentrated on its TV and social offerings, along with games/consoles. Hence, it is indeed Sony that stole the thunder in E3 2014.

In addition to winning the E3, Sony's PS4 owners have got some good reason to rejoice. This can be attributed to the fact that Sony has some of the most impressive and mind-blowing 2014 video games line-up for its users. Some of the games are available right away, but there are several others that will be released later this year or the following year, says BGR. Here is a list of games from the YouTube Channel PlayStation exclusive to PS4.

1. Entwined trailer

2. The Order: 1886 trailer

3. infamous: First Light trailer

4. Bloodbourne trailer

5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End trailer

What do you think of the new PS4 games? Which one would you like to play right away? Feel free to leave a comment.