"Broken Age" came from the mind of fan-favourite Tim Schafer and is the first adventure game from the developer since the critically acclaimed "Grim Fandango." Now Double Fine has teamed up with Nordic Games to distribute the game through retail and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

What started as a Kickstarter-funded project ended up becoming a cult hit among fans everywhere, with the first act of the game praised upon release and garnering an overall of 82 from Metacritic. Meanwhile, the second act is due sometime in early 2015. The original Kickstarter goal was $400,000 to cover all expenses for making the game, but the project managed to make over $3.3 million by the end of the campaign.

The "Broken Age" retail version is set for release in Spring 2015. Double Fine and Nordic Games have also released other games together, including "Psychonauts" and "Costume Quest." A press release from Nordic Games, Double Fine's CEO Tim Schafer joked about the game being safe from solar flares and EMP bombs. Schafer has always been known for his wit and humour thanks to games like "The Secret of Monkey Island."

The game centres around two teenagers who are hoping to escape their predetermined destinies and forge their own paths. The first of these is Vella Tartine, a young woman who is set to be scarificed by her village to a large monster so it will stop attacking their village. The second one is a young boy named Shay Volta, who seeks to escape the spaceship he's seemingly trapped in and the overbearing A.I. that acts as his mother figure.

Fans who will purchase the retail version may not have to worry about waiting for the second act of the game, as Arcade Sushi speculates it could be part of the retail package. However, the developer has not revealed if this is indeed the case. There will also be a digital version that contains both acts and will come out the same time as the retail version. This copy will reportedly have new German voice acting for all characters.

(Credits: Youtube/GameSpot)

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