The hero of the original “DoTA” game Arc Warden is coming with the latest update. Valve has finally released details about the “Dota 2” update version 6.86, dubbed The Balance of Power update. The new update brings a few tweaks for existing heroes and introduces complete reformation of the other four heroes giving more power to them.

Along with the Arc Warden, there is a lot to explore in The Balance of Power update. Detailed over the official page of “Dota 2,” Valve has released the full patch notes, detailing the ways by which Arc Warden can fight with his opponents.

The hero will make use of slows and evasion,as well as create exact duplicates of himself in the “Dota 2.” Apart from the hero’s comeback, The Balance of Power also brings a Desert Terrain map, a highly-anticipated feature by fans. A new Desert Colosseum and a Music Pack are also being introduced with the latest update.

Adding a hero is just one part of this massive patch as it also brings additional game features. “Dota 2” is powered by Source 2 engine and players weren’t able to check the statistics of the heroes. With The Balance of Power update, the players will be able to check all the details about their hero wins, rankings, losses and streaks with several other statistics in the Stats feature available in their profile.

The in-game map for “Dota 2” has now changed once again. The Balance of Power adds new user interface to the Store and main menu with some new paths, nearby routes, and battle opportunities. Players will also get the chance to explore two new neutral camp locations. The Balance of Power update is bringing a new rune, dubbed "Arcane Rune." It will help players by lowering down spell cooldowns and it will also cut down mana costs for 50 seconds.

Along with this, players will be getting some more interesting features in the form of Dragon Lance, which widens the attack reach of ranged heroes and Faerie Fire, which increases health when consumed. To boost the manna and regenerate health, Aether Lens is an additional feature that helps players to gain magic resistance. To get an idea of how excited are fans about the new Dota 2 update fans can check the discussion thread over at Reddit that managed to reach the top position on the website, even though there was no information available.

By adding primordial power such as Flux, Magnetic Field, Spark Wraith and Tempest Double, the new changes look more than just stuffing features for holiday season.The update is expected to be available within the next few days.

Dota 2 New Scepter Upgrades- Patch 6.86 (Credit: YouTube/DotaCinema)

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