Donald Trump
Donald Trump at a Republican Party debate

Hillary Clinton is just a punchline and nothing else. At least that’s what Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believes. In fact, he posted a video mocking Clinton. This video has taken the nasty general election fight one notch up. It will be interesting to see both fight if they become their parties' presidential nominees.

The video starts with the caption “When it comes to facing our toughest opponents, the Democrats have the perfect answer.” After the first part of the caption, the video shows Russian President Vladimir Putin tackling in a wrestling match and an Islamic State terrorist. Then the second part of the caption appears on onscreen, followed by Clinton barking like a dog. The video then shows a laughing Putin.

The second caption reads, “We don't need to be a punch line!”


Is this what we want for a President?

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Trump and Clinton have been at loggerheads and now it has transformed into blatant criticism and verbal attacks as they inch closer to locking down nominations. Trump also criticised Mrs. Clinton for using a private email server, stating that she should be jailed for that. He has also not shied away from openly discussing Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities.

Meanwhile, Australian analysts have warned that a Trump presidency might spell doom for Australia-US relations.

“Even the most impartial observer would think Donald Trump as president is a little bit scary,” Australian National University political analyst Dr. Norman Abjorensen told The Daily Telegraph.

Lowy Institute executive director Dr. Michael Fullilove warned was more vocal about Trump presidency. He said Trump hardly reflects the values that made America great. He believes that a Trump victory would undermine the Australia, New Zealand, United States (ANZUS) Security Treaty.

Brendon O’Connor, Associate Professor from Sydney University’s US Studies Centre, believes Trump’s isolationist views on migration and trade are absolute disaster.

“This is the type of talk you would expect from someone in the 1930s. He is an egomaniac who thinks he can solve all sorts of global problems but what happens when that is not the case? Will he escalate the situation?,” he added.