The Division
Ubisoft will punish players who exploit glitches in "The Division." Ubisoft

As if the drama of so many exploits happening all at once is not enough, yet another glitch for “The Division” has been sighted. While this is no longer focused on glitching one’s way through the Falcon Lost, it still gives a player an overpowered boost to cheese basically anyone, thanks to a new exploit on guns.

Kotaku has spotted the new exploit, which essentially boosts gun damage to overpowered level, which could prove to be another game-breaker for “The Division.” The exploit is easy enough to execute. All players need is to equip the Competent talent to the gun to boost DPS after triggering any ability.

According to the source, the AK-74 weapon that’s being sold at the Base of Operations and Black Market may be a great gun to use. Players who have the sufficient amount of Phoenix Credits—especially now that Ubisoft may be rolling out some Phoenix Credits as compensation for the game-breaking bugs—anyone can get the gun.

In the video, seen below, the Black Market AK-74 is equipped with the Competent Damage. YouTube video creator Simplified stated that after equipping, the player should then swap between the Competent equipped weapon and another one very quickly for five to 10 minutes. Essentially, what this does is to trigger a bug that causes Competent’s DPS boost to stack in the weapons, exponentially powering up the gun.

Whether or not the exploit can be used in PvP has yet to be tested. Still, even with the temporary boost it does bring another exploit to the table. And if it works in PvP, more players will surely avoid the Dark Zone until a patch has been deployed yet again.

For now, the developer seems to be addressing the exploits one step at a time. Ubisoft is doing another scheduled maintenance today at 9:00 a.m. CEST. Downtime is pegged to last for two hours, as per the official Ubisoft forums. The changelog for this particular maintenance is a little brief, which could be a wonder for some given the extent to which the game is exploding with exploits.

The latest changes for Falcon Lost now allows the APC to take damage from the C4 weapon. Characters will also now be killed when going inside the spawn closet. This is supposedly the second hotfix targeted for the Incursion, since the previous hotfix did nothing to stop players from finding a new glitch.

For gameplay, the weapon mods added automatically to a newly crafted weapon can now be deconstructed properly. The patch will also issue a fix for when the items from the Reward Claim Vendor would be granted abnormally. PC players will see an additional fix that addresses client crash caused by the use of ASCII code in in-game chat.

New exploit boosts DPS in "The Division" (Credit: YouTube/Simplified)