The Division
"The Division" Conflict update brings the Clear Sky Incursion. Ubisoft

PS4 players of “The Division” already have a new patch to the game that fixes one of the major issues that came with the Conflict Update.

“We have deployed a client patch (4.5GB) for the Double UI issue. Please make sure to restart your game,” said Ubisoft over at Twitter.

Xbox One players may need to wait a while longer as a definite release date is yet to be announced. However, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, the Xbox One patch is expected sometime this week.

So far, there are five known issues that have already been fixed. Over at the official forums, Ubisoft has been updating the list of known issues and exploits. The fixed issues include the bugged Dark Zone rank on the Character Selection screen, missing daily mission that did not reset on May 25, the DZ rank requirement change and the High Value Target Farming bug. PC players who have been having a slightly major problem of missing characters should also know that this has been resolved.

A new update will be sent out on June 2. This will include the DZ06 teleport bug. Ubisoft has also listed two bug fixes that will come in the 1.3 Title Update, namely the No Critical Search & Destroy bug and the issue of players falling through the map.

In the latest State of the Game post over at Ubisoft forums, the developer also explained the calculations for the Gear Score in “The Division.” Some players appear to be at a loss as to why their Gear Scores are below the brackets that they are placed in.

Ubisoft explained that this was due to the invisible Gear Score that is taken into account when calculating for the bracket. These include Equipped Gear, the Gear in the inventory and Stash and the weapon with the highest Gear Score in the player’s possession. This weapon can be in the inventory, the stash or equipped to the character.