The Division
"Tom Clancy's The Division" will come with Tobii's eye-tracking technology at launch. The Division official website

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” has been among the most anticipated titles. However, with the game already out for a while and several people already exploring deeper into the Dark Zone, some may be feeling as though there is fewer things to do in the game.

To remedy this, Ubisoft has confirmed that it plans to deliver new daily challenge missions. Gamerant reported that this will be available for those who have reached the level 30 cap for “The Division.” This will diversify the grind a little bit, as the new missions were announced during the State of the Game stream.

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This is a good bit of info for those who are currently grinding away with only four challenge missions available. There’s still the awaited Operations update, and the recently released 1.02 update, so it seems that Ubisoft is thinking far ahead in terms of how it will improve “The Division.”

The earlier Tom Clancy title, ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” has recently been patched as well. Parch 2.3 delivers a few balances and improvements, most of which address major issues spotted by Ubisoft.

According to the official forums, some of the fixes includes spawn killing, which was remedied by adding more obstacles for players to go through. Players can now also expect lower ping levels, thanks to lag compensation. Additionally, ranked matchmaking has also seen some tweaks, starting with the requirement of 10 players in the lobby for ranked matches to begin.

Reconnection is also now allowed for Ranked Matches and Custom Matches. What this means is that players who have been disconnected from the match will still be able to join so long as the match is still in play. Ubisoft is also dealing the iron hand for cheaters in “Rainbow Six Siege.”

“We have expanded our criteria to identify potential cheaters. If identified as a potential cheater, that player will be immediately removed from the game and receive a temporary suspension,” said the developer at the official forums.

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Alongside the temporary suspension, there are FairFight messages, wherein the consequences can either be a suspension for five minutes up to a permanent suspension, depending on the level of monitoring that the player receives.

There are several other bug fixes and gameplay improvements with the patch. Currently, it is only available for the PC version of “Rainbow Six Siege.” However, the tentative target date for the patch’s release on consoles is April 5.

"The Division" 1.02 update (Credit: YouTube/PS4Trophies)