'Diablo III' update reveals female necromancer and meleemancer skills
Blizzard released the “Diablo 1” remake via the “The Darkening of Tristram” patch that is available to owners of the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack for free. Blizzard Entertainment/Battle.net

“Diablo III” Necromancer update will soon be made available to gamers around the second half of this year. As players eagerly wait for this update, they can look at the following list of new additions that the Blizzard Entertainment team has been working hard to create.

New Character

The new female necromancer character had her first debut as a concept art during the BlizzCon event in Anaheim, California. Now, she can be viewed in her full glory with her full three-dimensional figure. Along with her arrival includes a new set of skills for the so-called meleemancer of the game.

According to the Mirror, a total of five armour and ability loadouts can be saved through the Armory feature. This is a perfect feature for those players who prefer to switch their gears and power sets depending on the situation that they are in. This will be done by warping back to the hub and change the character’s build.

New Skills

Grim Scythe is the first skill that the Necromancer has. It allows the character to summon a huge scythe that has a big range of attack. This will not only deal damage to their targets but at the same time it will restore Essence.

The second skill is known as Leech. This is a spell that allows players to drain health from their target and replenish their own health using it. It will not only restore the character's health but also create additional health support for other team members.

New Skill Runes

Blood Nova is first of the five skill runes for the base Death Nova skill. The Blood Nova skill gives off a massive deal of damage. But in order to successfully perform the skill, it needs a required amount of Essence and health of the character.

Devour, also known as Cannibalize, is a resource-regenerating skill that will allow the character to regain its Essence. This is done by consuming the remains of the fallen enemies. As one of the runes for Devour, this rune skill will also allow the character to regain health. This skill will definitely come in handy as a tandem skill for spells like Blood Nova, which needs both Essence and health in order to be executed.

The Blood Golem is the third skill rune revealed by the EU Battle website. The Blood Golem is an effective companion that is slated to sacrifice itself in order to heal its hero partner. The blood golem also has the ability to reconstruct itself after it sacrifices itself. This partner can also deal a considerable amount of damage to surrounding foes during battles.

These are just the start of the massive update that will happen in “Diablo III.” No news has been announced about its exact release date or the price of this update. All that was confirmed is the timeframe of the release -- around the latter part of this year.