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It seems that "Destiny" continues to get more news everyday as an image showing possible new content emerged in Reddit today. According to IGN the image was originally from 4chan user MattWGordon who supposedly compiled the image after numerous site searches that lead to a cohesive update about the new "House of Wolves" expansion.

This new "Destiny" leak will apparently have three new story missions, two new strikes and a new raid titled "The Arena." This already shows similarities to the previous expansion pack released for the game the "Dark Below" expansion pack, which had similar content released with it.

Interestingly there might be new difficulty levels introduced with this expansion. The game modes are called "Hardcore" and "Inferno," which will modify various game modes to have no trackers, with no points being obtained unless a kill is performed. There are also a few noteworthy upgrades that will be released including an extra jump. With certain character classes already having the ability to double jump, it looks like they will be giving the added bonus to triple jump. Aside from triple jumps and new difficulty settings, there will also be four new Crucible Maps available for various multiplayer skirmishes. They include: Thieves' Den on Venus, Black Shield on Phobos, Widow's Court on Earth and The Timekeeper on Mars.

New items and weapons are also slated for this supposed release. There will be new sets of armour for each class, much like the "Dark Below" expansion. The new weapons are called the 347 Vesta Dynasty and Lord of Wolves, which are a Scout Rifle and Shotgun respectively. These weapons will also have modifiers, with the 347 Vesta Dynasty having two - titled David and Goliath, which grants armour boosts and agility boosts respectively - and the Lord of Wolves having one called Devil's touch that lights opponents on fire after getting shot.

With this being a possible leak, there is neither release date announced nor any word of confirmation from the developer Bungie. Expect the expansion sometime this year with an official press release from Bungie, along with an official release date and price given.

Destiny The Dark Below DLC Trailer (PS4/Xbox One) (Credits: Youtube/GamesHQMedia)

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