Easily one of the most highly anticipated games expected to be released in 2014 is "Destiny" from the creators of "Halo" and the company which brought the popular "Call of Duty" games to avid gamers, the upcoming game is expected to be made available to PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

"Destiny" comes with excellent graphics and engaging story line. Players will be able to choose to compete against each other or cooperate in the multiplayer game mode. Players will be able to explore the world in the game both on foot as well as on vehicles.

The game is set in post apocalyptic world brought about by the alien race called as the Hive, who lived in the core of the Moon. The Hive waited for centuries planning the destruction of the human race and now only a few humans are left alive.

The main theme of "Destiny" is to explore the solar system in search of lost treasures from the Golden Age of human history. Players will be able to explore Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon. More planets to explore may be added at a later date.

Players can choose between three playable classes - The Hunter, Titan and The Warlock class. Each of the classes can be further customized by collecting weapons and other gear that players will find during the course of the game.

Players can play through the cinematic single player campaign in "Destiny" or play with friends or strangers in a multiplayer mode. A player can choose to play alongside two other friends in tailor made activities like raids or play in the competitive multiplayer mode. It is still not clear whether player driven vehicles will be available in the multiplayer mode.

"Destiny" will feature an in game currency, which players will be able to earn by completing the quests or by defeating enemies. The tower in the city will have vendors, who buy and sell equipment. Players can sell the treasures they find during their adventures and buy other items from the vendors.

Another upcoming game which has generated a lot of excitement is the "Infamous Second Son," Click here to watch the trailer showing the Neon powers of the character.

Will "Destiny" be able to meet the fans' expectations? Avid gamers eagerly look forward to the launch of the game. The next generation consoles like PS4 or the Xbox One will be able to take advantage of the hardware but will the optimised version of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 also deliver?