In what appears to be a questionable victory for the SJW (Social Justice Warrior), Koei Tecmo has finally spoken out about the suspense over the release of their newest sensational entry in the “Dead Or Alive: Xtreme” volleyball series to western regions. The Japan-based developer has decided it is better to withhold the release and defend women. However, a retailer website has sparked a new controversy with a “Nonsense” remark on the censorship issue.

The western region has always struggled with release of games that contain alcohol, nudity, religious issues or even sensitive titles. In a very simple yet straightforward way, Koei Tecmo made the announcement in a reply to a post on its official Facebook page.

The company said that it will not bring “DOAX3” to the west and there are no chances of change in the plans. However, the company has plans to release the English version of “DOAX3” in Asia. Currently, Team Ninja is working on the development part.

It’s disappointing for players in the Western region when a game won’t be released outside of Asia. Many people have questioned Koei Tecmo on social media. In a response to a fan post via the company’s official Facebook, Koei Tecmo has made it clear that it has two reasons for not launching the product in the west.

The first is the less than satisfactory fan following of the game in the region. Secondly, it does not want to launch the product in a market full of negative publicity that can be related to the product.

But there is always a rebel who can fight for anything. Hong Kong-based company Play-Asia has decided to raise its voice for the people who were waiting for the game. But this import site has taken the discussion too far with controversial remarks on SJW via its official Twitter.

"#DOAX3 will not be coming to the US due to #SJW nonsense. However, we will have the English Asia version available," said Play-Asia in an official tweet.

Play-Asia’s controversial tweets backfired and now the retailer is getting unexpected reactions from people around the world over those sensitive statements. Mocking Social Justice Warrior by using the anti #SJW hashtag has brought some hard statements for Play-Asia, with people predicting the website is going to witness negative impact of those words very soon. Some of the tweets for Play-Asia also took on a remarkably combative or even defensive tone.

Other customers have even gone so far as to put Play-Asia on their own blacklist of retailers. There re also those who swore off on no longer buying from the retailer. Others still have even wondered if Play-Asia's move can affect its future industry connections following the controversy.

The overwhelming success of “Dead Or Alive” series is accumulating the “DOA” fans to expect the game release with improved gameplay elements and graphics. The initial release of the game is scheduled for February 26th next year. The game will be available on platforms PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

"Dead or Alive Xtreme 3" gameplay teaser (Credit: YouTube/XCageGame)

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